Virtual Business Breakfast with Stavros Nicolaou

It was with great pleasure to have Aspen Pharmacare Senior Executive, Stavros Nicolaou be the guest speaker of our very first Virtual Business Breakfast held via Zoom.
Stavros Nicolaou is the Aspen Pharmacare Group’s Senior Executive responsible for Strategic Trade Development. Previously he was CEO of Aspen’s Export Business and was instrumental in introducing the first generic ARV’s on the African Continent developed by Aspen, which has gone on to save hundreds of thousands of lives in South Africa and on the African Continent.
Nicolaou has over 28 years’ experience in the South African and International Pharmaceutical Industry and is a previous winner of the SA Institute of Marketing Management (IMM) Health Care Marketer of the year Award. He was inducted as one of the youngest Fellow of the Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa (PSSA), one of the highest honours bestowed by the PSSA, and was recently awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science in Medicine from Wits University.
Stavros shed some insight on covid -19 from a Businesses’ perspective on flattening the curve and answered many questions such as whether SA had reached its  peak, what is still to come and covered the likely hood of the possibility of a vaccination being available to the public in the near future.