Practice Areas

Commercial and Corporate Law

Our attorneys have extensive experience in the area of commercial and corporate law and have played a significant role in local and international transactions.

The department offers a comprehensive range of legal support including drafting, negotiating, due diligence investigations, mergers and acquisitions and vetting of all forms of commercial contracts.

The department draws upon the full range of legal resources our practice offers and is able to deliver relevant and specialist advice with regard to all types of commercial matters.

  • Negotiation and drafting of all commercial contracts including cross border transactions;
  • Mergers and Acquisitions;
  • Business Rescue;
  • Empowerment structure agreements;
  • Registration of companies, trusts and other business entities;
  • Trade Marks and Intellectual Property Law;
  • Competition Law; and
  • Insolvency.

Conveyancing & Notarial

Our Conveyancing practice consists of experienced conveyancers who are experts in property law.

The department is well equipped to take instructions from estate agents, developers or directly from sellers and buyers in respect to both conventional and sectional title transfers, mortgages and other property-related commercial transactions.

We are panel attorneys for most of the larger banks in South Africa and look after their interests in property related transactions.

  • Registration of transfers;
  • Commercial property transactions;
  • Land consolidations and Subdivisions;
  • Drafting and negotiation of agreements of sale for commercial and residential transactions;
  • Registration of mortgage and notarial bonds;
  • Opening of sectional title registers – developments;
  • Opening of township registers and registration of general plans;
  • Registration and Renewals of Prospecting and Mining Rights;
  • Notarial Agreements;
  • Ante-nuptial Contracts; and
  • Due diligence investigations in property transactions;

Estate Planning & Wills

Tembelani Vabaza
Estates Administrator

Our Wills and Estate Planning and Administration Department has extensive expertise in the reporting and administration of deceased estates. The Department is also able to advise with regard to estate planning and related matters. The department engages with BLC Financial Services and draws on the experience in financial matters to ensure that we offer accurate and up to date estate planning advice.

  • Drafting of wills;
  • The administration of deceased estates;
  • Estate planning; and
  • Administration of trusts.

Family Law

We have experienced attorneys who offer a wide range of services in the field of Family Law.

  • Divorces;
  • Co-Habitation Agreements;
  • Maintenance appearances;
  • Access and guardianship of minor children;
  • Universal Partnerships;
  • Child abduction as regulated by the Hague Convention and child mobility;
  • Ante-nuptial contracts; and
  • All aspects of the Children’s Act, 2005.

Labour Law

Given the complex structure of our Labour Law, we are focused on providing clients with the best advice and effective solutions to all labour-related concerns.

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution – Conciliation, Arbitration & Mediation Proceedings;
  • Drafting Employment Contracts;
  • Drafting Company Policies and Procedures;
  • BBBEE Compliance;
  • CCMA Proceedings;
  • Review Proceedings in Labour Court; and
  • Appeal Proceedings in the Labour Appeal Court.

Liquor Licensing

We offer liquor a unique and specialised service in all aspects of liquor licences to clients across the Eastern, Western and Northern Cape, respectively. Please click on the “Services” tab below for a free quote on your prospective liquor licence application.

An application may be made to us in respect of the following categories of registration:

  • The retail sale of liquor for consumption on the premises where liquor is being sold;
  • The retail sale of liquor for consumption off the premises where liquor is being sold;
  • The retail sale and consumption of liquor on and off the premises where liquor is being sold;
  • The retail sale and consumption of liquor at a special event; or
  • Micro-manufacturing.

It is imperative for a prospective applicant to receive advice on other business compliance aspects outside of the application itself.

  • On-consumption liquor licenses;
  • Off-consumption liquor licenses;
  • Wholesale liquor licenses;
  • Special events liquor licences;
  • Transfer of liquor licences; and
  • Annual renewals of liquor licences.


Our Litigation Department has the depth and experience to provide our clients with up to date, practical and cost-effective legal advice and services.

  • Dispute resolution and arbitration;
  • Civil Litigation;
  • Family and Matrimonial Law;
  • Building and Construction disputes;
  • Liquidation and Sequestration applications;
  • Rehabilitation applications;
  • Debt Review and National Credit Act disputes;
  • Collections and Recoveries;
  • Foreclosures;
  • Homeowners and Body Corporate Disputes; and

Municipal Law

The new Spatial Planning and Land Use Development Act, 16 of 2013 (“SPLUMA”), provides a single framework for all spatial and land use management legislation across South Africa and replaced previous national and provincial land related legislation and by-laws created by local authorities.

A property may only be used for a specific purpose if such use complies with the applicable zoning scheme.

Land use management applications are required to be lodged and considered by a Municipality (including any Appeal relating thereto) which applications include applications relating to:

  • Rezoning of a property for the required use;
  • Special Consent approvals;
  • Removing restrictive Title Deed conditions;
  • Notarial tie agreements; and
  • Subdivision and consolidation of properties.

In addition to prosecuting the above applications, clients can utilise the following services:

  • Obtaining of current zoning use relating to a property as reflected in Municipal records; and
  • Conveyancer’s Certificate confirming Title Deed position (required for building plan approval).

The firm has assisted clients over many years regarding such applications and provided input and guidance to the Nelson Mandela bay Municipality regarding implementation and compliance with the current legislation parameters.

Many leading architect firms entrust the firm to assist their clients in addressing land management issues.

Whilst most instructions relate to the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, the firm is able to provide services to most areas in the Province of the Eastern Cape.

  • Residential zoning;
  • Business zoning;
  • Industrial zoning;
  • Property development and land reform;
  • Policy developments and implementation;
  • Removal of restrictive title deed conditions; and
  • Compliance and advisory services.

Personal Injury & Insurance

Our Insurance Practice offers legal assistance to both insurers and the insured.

  • Insurance Law and disputes;
  • Professional negligence;
  • Personal injury litigation; and
  • Forensic Investigation and Services;

Personal Injury Claims For MVA

Sonja Tifloen
Managing Director
Sarah Fritz
Senior Associate

Our insurance Practice offers legal assistance to both insurers and the insured.

  • Insurance Law and disputes;
  • Professional negligence;
  • Personal injury litigation; and
  • Forensic Investigation and Services.

Regulatory Compliance

The ever-changing legal landscape, in South Africa and the world, has added increased pressure on businesses to comply with stricter regulations as far as data protection and compliance is concerned.

Organisations need to continuously elevate their procedures and structures to remain compliant with the emergence of novel laws. The impact of new legislation, as well as the penalties associated with non-compliance, require businesses to stay abreast of new developments in order to minimise possible financial and reputational harm.

The promulgation of the Protection of Personal Information Act, 4 of 2013 (“POPIA”), is an example of legislation catapulting some businesses into uncharted territory. Every South African company and business, regardless of size, must comply with POPIA by 30 June 2021, or face up to R 10 million in penalties. Businesses will certainly need to re-evaluate the way they handle personal information of individuals and this may require a whole overhaul of the company’s policies, procedures, and controls.

Privacy Law and Data Protection

  • Protection of Personal Information Act (“POPIA”) training and awareness;
  • Assess data processing activities and information technology safeguards;
  • Implement data protection and breach policies;
  • Draft processing and data breach agreements;
  • POPIA Compliance Audit and Monitoring; and
  • Conduct periodic updates to policies, procedures, and controls.

Privacy Law and Data Protection

  • PAIA Training and awareness for organisation;
  • Training Information Officer;
  • Drafting of PAIA Manual;
  • Review existing PAIA Manual; and
  • PAIA audit.

Consumer Protection Act (“CPA”)

  • CPA training;
  • Policy development;
  • Implement and review business agreements;
  • Enforcement of consumer rights; and
  • Assisting suppliers with CPA compliance.

Social Media Law

  • Implement and assess social media polices;
  • Assist in complying with applicable laws;
  • Staff training and awareness;
  • Assist in protecting brand reputation; and
  • Conduct social media legal audit.

BLC Financial Services

"Many people take no care of their money till they come nearly to the end of it, and others do just the same with their time."

Financial planning, thus, is not exclusively about retirement planning or investing or even portfolio management. If distilled to its purest elements, this discipline is more accurately understood as one that involves applying guiding principles to deal with the past, present and future finances.

Financial planning is the process of meeting your life goals through the proper management of your finances.

It is useful to have a perspective on the life cycle and wealth cycle which you are in before going in for investing for a secure financial future. Understanding the life cycle and wealth cycle is one way to become an informed investor.

  • Personal Solutions – Risk, Investment/Wealth, Retirement and Post-Retirement;
  • Business Solutions – Risk and Investment and Retirement (Advice for Management and Staff); and
  • General Solutions.